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Antlure Killer
Antlure Killer
Antlure Killer
Antlure Killer
Antlure Killer Home Improvement outdoorpinata
Antlure Killer Home Improvement outdoorpinata
Antlure Killer Home Improvement outdoorpinata 2pcs

Antlure Killer

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Solved that annoying ant problem at home with this magical formula! No need to worry about spreading unwanted bacteria or future damage to your house due to these insects.
This effective slow-acting formula allows the poison to be transferred to the colony killing the whole ant population by simply baiting them. This is surely the ultimate solution to eliminate ant infestation in every home!
Kill all of those annoying and unsightly ants with this effective formulation. Get yours now and experience an ant-free lifestyle with Antlure Killer.



  • Powerful Solution - Powerful, active ingredient knocks out workers, brood, and queen ants! Solving ant infestation without the need to pay for expensive pest extermination services.

  • Easy to Use - Inject to the bait and let the worker ants return to their colony to effectively kill the whole ant population

  • Apply it Anywhere - Simply inject the bait cracks, crevices, along the foundation, door seam, electrical appliances, wire box, in your garden, or anywhere you have seen ants.

  • 100% Safe & Non-Toxic Formula- Made from ingredients that are non-toxic to humans. Features bitter taste agent formulation that will prevent children and pets to ingest the product.

  • Suitable for Variety of Ant Species - Perfect to exterminate a variety of ants species! Solve that infestation problem by simply baiting ants with this effective formula.



Net Weight: 10g
Ingredients: 3% B Cool Methyl Gum Phosphorus
Shelf Life: 2 Years



1 x Antlure Killer

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