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CatTreat Vita Lollipop

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Give your kitties a treat that they would love! Your cats will enjoy every bit of CatTreat Vita Lollipop!

Cats tend to be upset when left alone or bothered by noises or movements. It's a lot easier now to make them feel calm and happy with this lollipop.

No need to worry about the struggles of cleaning after! Your cats can enjoy this treat without the mess of traditional catnip.

Product Description:

  • Happy Kitty Cat: It will delight your lovely pet as this lollipop reduces stress, anxiety, and improves the whole mood. This lollipop rotates up and down when your cat licks it. work both as a snack and a toy!

  • Improves Overall Health: Makes your cat healthier as it helps spit out intestinal hair, improving your cat's digestion and eyesight.

  • Tasty Flavor to Enjoy: Comes in different variants made of catnip, gallnut, and silver vine, ideal for teeth cleaning.

  • Easy to Manage: It's designed with a double-sided adhesive at the bottom of the four-ball base that can be disassembled easily. You can attach it on your cat's bed, wall, door, sofa, etc.

  • Guaranteed Safe for Your Pet: It's designed with a dustproof cover to prevent dirt and odor. Definitely safe for cats!

Product Description:

  • Ingredients: Catnip + Glutinous Rice
  • Size: 20 cm x 5.2cm
  • Color: Pink / Green / Grey
  • Package Includes: 1 x CatTreat Vita Lollipop 

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